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It is quite impossible to have a professional massage every day. Unless you own your own spa, with a professional specialist, it will also cost you a ridiculous amount of money.

That’s why foam rollers are just great because you can effectively use them to relieve the pain and the soreness by using them at the gym, the office or at your home.

You will achieve the same benefits of a professional massage by applying the right amount of pressure exactly where the pain is.

But not knowing what to do or how to do it can cause serious problems. In best case scenario, it won’t help the pain go away and it can also lead to further pain and serious injuries.

So what is the best way to achieve trigger points release using a foam roller?

1. Use the foam roller until you hit a hot spot:

Use the foam roller until you hit a hot spotThis is called a trigger point. When you reach a trigger point you should stop foam rolling and simply rest on the foam roller.

With foam rollers, more benefits come from the pressure than from the movement.

2. Avoid applying pressure to the joints:

To achieve trigger points release benefits, you should apply pressure only on the muscles.

Applying pressure on the joints or the bones can cause pain and discomfort and can lead to further injuries.

3. Avoid spending too much time on trigger points:

These are already inflamed spots. So applying more pressure on them is not going to make the pain go away.

In fact, it is better to apply the pressure for just 10 seconds and then rest. Then you can repeat the foam rolling exercise a few more times.

You have to repeat this exercise pre and post work out. Over time you will release the tension in the trigger points.

4. Be alert to the type of pain you feel:

When you press trigger points, it is normal to feel some pain. This is some sort of good pain that feels satisfying and relieving.

But if you start feeling an enormous amount of pain or start gritting your teeth then you are probably applying too much pressure.

The pressure should be gentle and targeted around the trigger point, only focusing on it for a few seconds.

5. Pay attention to how it feels afterward:

After trigger points release you should be feeling a little relief in painful areas. If you, however, start feeling any negative actions then you were probably doing something wrong.

Just take it easy. Your tissue will usually adapt to heavy pressure after a few times.

But at the beginning apply only a little pressure, especially if you don’t feel better after the treatment.

If you don’t feel any better even after applying a little pressure, then you must have thought wrong. Either this point isn’t really a trigger point, or the case is worse than what you thought it is.

Massaging your trigger points has great benefits. It will be the best way to relieve your constant pain and tension.

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